How to Check Twitch Chat Logs in 2022 [Detailed Guide]

Online streaming has become highly popular whether it’s for games, music, or any other live events or programs. Content creators, gamers, musicians, and every other artist is using different platforms to conduct live streaming where other viewers can watch them and interact with them.

One such popular platform is Twitch. Ever since the pandemic, Twitch has become a highly popular name among people. Initially, gamers started using Twitch to conduct live streams of their games for sharing their experiences and other tips to play the game. After that, other content creators and musicians too joined the platform and widened the scope and arena of Twitch.

What makes Twitch better is that not only does it provide its users with the opportunity to become more social by conducting live streams but such streaming activities also help them make money after they reach a certain number of followers and viewers.

In addition to that, the streamers can open up live chat options to interact with the viewers while streaming and keep their sessions more interesting. However, one really needs to be careful when using the live chat options.

While the live chat option is an easy outlet to interact with the viewers, moderating those chats when the viewer count is too high is quite a challenging task. However, not moderating those chats can lead to a lot of trouble. You can miss out on responding to some users which can make you lose followers and viewers. Moreover, someone could start a fight or argument or use offensive and abusive language. All such things do not play well for your Twitch account.

The question is what’s the option to manage such activities? How can you make it easier to moderate your live chats? Well, the simple option is by using Twitch Chat Logs.

What Are Twitch Chat Logs?

Twitch Chat Logs, as their name itself suggests, are nothing but a record of all the live chat that has taken place during the live streaming of a particular session. These chat logs come in handy when you, as a streamer or moderator want to review the entire chat history during a session.

By checking these chat logs you can ensure that all the interactions during your live sessions are friendly and done in good sport. In case you find something offensive or out of line, you can take the necessary actions such as deleting such offensive comments and chats and banning the particular account from your future streams.

In addition to helping you keep your chats positively entertaining and sportive, checking Twitch Chat Logs helps in several other ways too. Let’s quickly go through the benefits of checking your Twitch Chat Logs in the next section of this article.

Benefits of Checking Twitch Chat Logs

Checking your Twitch Chat Logs helps you grow your Twitch account in more ways you can imagine. First and foremost, you can keep all your streams and chats clean and positively entertaining by removing any instances of negative, hateful, abusive, or offensive comments or chats. In addition to that, Twitch Chat Logs support the following activities-

  1. Understanding the Behavior of Your Viewers

When you go through your chat history, you can see how your viewers are interacting during your session. It will help you understand their behavior and you can plan your future streams accordingly to deliver content that engages your audiences more.

  1. Knowing What Works Best For You

When you look at your Twitch chat logs, you can see audiences’ reactions and the things that they most react on. You can also run some surveys in between the sessions and check out the answers later in chat logs to find the results. All in all, it helps you gain insights into the audience preferences and you understand what works best for you.

  1. Understanding the Actions of Your Moderators

You need to have chat moderators in place to manage the live chat during the stream. However, chat moderators can make mistakes at times too. Looking at the chat logs will help you understand the mistakes that the moderators are making or the challenges they’re facing during chat moderation. With that insight, you can take proper actions to help moderators manage the live chats better.

  1. Knowing Your Regulars

There are always some followers who are regular on your channel. Identifying such followers is essential to let your audience know that you acknowledge and appreciate their constant support. You can know your followers only when you’re regularly checking the chat history.

So, you can see that checking Twitch chat logs is beneficial on many levels. So, it becomes quite imperative that you don’t miss out on them for even a single session. But the big question is how can you check your Twitch chat logs?

While the platform is highly self-explanatory, it does become confusing for some streamers to find several options. Finding the chat logs is one such option. But don’t worry. We have got you covered. Within this tutorial, we’ll explain and share multiple ways to check Twitch chat logs quickly and conveniently.

Ways to Check Twitch Chat Logs

Well, it’s not really difficult to check your Twitch chat logs. In fact, there are multiple ways to do that. Let us share some of the best ways to check Twitch chat logs without any further ado.

1. Use the User Search Command

Twitch offers a search command option within the chatbox and you can easily view all the chats from a particular user using that command. All you need to know is the username of the user whose chats you wish to see. So, if you have that, simply follow the below steps-

  1. Open the chatbox in Twitch and in the search option type “/user” and then the username of the user whose chat logs you want to check.
  2. Press the Enter key.

As soon as you press enter, the chatbox will show all the chats from that user on the screen.

You can also see the history of their account as to how old the account is and how long it has been following you. Moreover, if you find anything offensive, you can simply ban the user.

2. Use the Chat Moderator View During A Stream

Moderator View to check Twitch Chat Logs

This method works out during live streaming. As a chat moderator, you have the option to go into a moderator view that will allow you to have a look at all the chat history from a user including the chats done in the previous sessions as well. Herein below are the steps to go into the chat moderator view and see all the chat logs during a stream-

  1. Click on the “Sword” icon available in the bottom right corner of your screen. This will make you enter into the Chat Moderator View.
  2. Now, in the chatbox, you’ll be able to see all the live chats as well as all the usernames of the viewers watching the stream. Click on any username and you’ll be able to view the entire chat history of that user, including the messages sent during the earlier streams as well.

However, a simple issue with this particular option is that using this method you can only view the chats during a live stream, and that too only from the users who are currently viewing the stream.

3. Use a Third-Party Chatbot Like Chatty

Chatty tool to check twitch chat tools

Twitch is a very robust platform that supports different third-party chatbots for extended functionalities. For viewing Twitch Chat Logs, there’s a chatbot called Chatty. So, as a streamer and moderator, you can install this chatbot on your Twitch account and use it to view the chat logs.

The chatbot is extremely easy to use. Once you install it, you simply need to link it and activate it on your Twitch account. Once activated, you will automatically be able to see all the chat records of all the live streaming sessions that you’ve conducted.

4. Review the VOD Playback of Your Streaming

Now, this method could get quite overwhelming and tiring, but it does the job for you. Every Twitch stream is saved as a video-on-demand that you and your followers can watch later. This VOD not only contains the entire video of the stream but it also shows the real-time chats that happened during the stream.

So, if you replay the video, you can see all the chats happening there. You may have to keep pausing the video to have a more clearer inspection of the chats, but the method is helpful as it shows the chats in a constant flow and you can even see any conversations that happened among the viewers.

However, there is another catch with this method. Twitch does not save these VODs permanently. They’re saved temporarily for a period between 14-60 days. So, if you wish to view the chat logs through this method, you’re time-bound. 


Twitch is indeed a great platform that helps you stream and interact with your audience at the same time. However, keeping a check on the interactions by constantly moderating and inspecting the chats within the Twitch chat logs is essential.

Now, while there are not many methods to view Twitch chat logs, there are some workarounds. We hope this tutorial on how to check Twitch chat logs was helpful and you’ll now be in a better position to moderate and manage the interactions and live chats in your Twitch streaming sessions.

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